Bea World Festival

Jury and Evaluation

Bea World Jury members are chosen among marketing/communications/sponsorship managers with local or international responsibilities from well-known multinational corporations, from a representative range of sectors and countriesbig investors in live communication, plus senior representatives of event agencies’ associations from different countries in the world who are partners of Bea World Festival.

The shortlist will be decided by a preliminary online voting session. On 28 November, 2019, in Milan, all shortlisted events will have the chance to be presented live to the Jury and the audience by the entrant event agencies and will be voted again to establish the ranking in each category. Jurors will then decide the podium of the Best Event Awards, as well as the Iconic Award, if deemed appropriate.

All awarded events will be announced on 29 November 2019, during the Awards Ceremony.

Jury Panel 2019

Press Jury

The Press Award is assigned by trade journalists attending the Festival.

Jury Guidelines

The following criteria will be considered during judging:

  • Creativity & innovation – Creative idea to support the objectives and the technological innovations shaping the event experience.
  • Execution – How the agency achieved the good physical and emotional environment necessary for participant engagement, learning and behavioural change. The participant journey, ambience, engagement techniques and tools (art, entertainment, digital tools, furniture, technology, staging, AV, sustainable efforts).
  • Effectiveness – Achievement of the stated objectives, such as survey results, financial results or other benefits (e.g. in the case of a non-profit organization) event compared to event costs.
  • Channel strategy – Communication channel strategy: the omni-channel strategy applied to the event and its impact according to the objectives.
  • Relevance with the Company’s communication objective and brand values.
  • Overall quality, especially in comparison to the budget and to the competitors in the same category.

Jury’s code of ethics

Jury members will commit to signing a Code of Ethics based on the following principles:

  • Each Jury member is chosen according to his/her professional skills and experience in the event marketing industry.
  • Jury members will judge and vote honestly and without preconceived ideas, respecting the evaluation and selection criteria, defined in the rules of the awards.
  • To avoid conflicts between Jury members and candidates, jurors who represent a corporation cannot vote for projects by their own company or by competing companies/brands. Jurors who represent an association and/or an agency cannot vote for projects submitted by their own agency and/or by a competing agency from their own country.
  • If there any personal conflict that may influence a Jury member’s objectivity in voting, he/she will inform the President and/or Vice President of the Jury and not participate in the voting of the project.
  • Jury members will not accept any solicitation from any participants (agency and/or client) that could influence their vote. In case this happens, they will alert the President and/or Vice Presidents of the jury.