CRM Medientrend GmbH
Publishing Director/Editor-in-Chief

Christoph Berndl 


Christoph Berndl, with over 30 years of experience in media and event management, serves as the CEO of COMTAIN Communications & Entertainment GmbH and as the publishing director and editor-in-chief at CRM Medientrend GmbH. He oversees leading publications, including Messe & Event – Austria's first specialist magazine for trade show business, experiential marketing, and meetings. Additionally, he is the brand owner and organizer of the Austrian Event Awards, as well as the co-organizer of the VAMP Awards. Berndl also acts as a managing partner at, a leading platform for conducting and managing awards and ceremonies. Beyond his professional accomplishments, his talents extend to music, being a singer/guitarist, and to acting, notably in Karl May festivals.

Christoph in a few Tweets

An award-winning project must…"not only excel in execution but also resonate deeply with its audience, setting new standards in its field".

My advice to the nominees..."Embrace every moment, stay true to your vision, and remember that being nominated itself is a testament to your hard work and creativity".

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