British American Tobacco (BAT)
PRRP Brand Manager

Daria Dolnova


Daria is an inspiring professional with 15 years of diverse marketing experience both in Agencies and Brands sides, having various projects across the globe from Romania to India in her portfolio. She drives her team with lead by example attitude encouraging out of the box thinking, healthy environment and mutual support while creating brands from a scratch to 360 go live campaigns.

Daria in a few Tweets

An award-winning project must…"be a stunning mix of experiences with a clear purpose & objectives, flexible to adjust on the way and respond to unexpected situations and as sustainable as possible".

My advice to the nominees..."If you have a great idea - be brave, be fierce, be courageous to bring the best of it".

A quote about your past experience at EuBea/Bea World..."I was pleased to see true values carefully treasured in in project`s storytelling. Back to where the brand begun probably was the most breathtaking story showing that retrospective in modern way can be a winning strategy with a great success".

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