Bea World Festival


The Festival

beaworld theinternationalfestival or Bea World Festival – the International Festival of Events and Live Communication – is the essential meeting place and networking event for the international event community. Three inspiring days full of creativity, networking opportunities, knowledge transfer and destination experiences culminate in the ceremonies celebrating the winners of the Best Event Awards and Best Location Awards.

Heads of event agenciescorporate event directors, senior representatives of event associationstrade media from over 29 countries attend the Festival every year to celebrate creativity, exchange ideas and best practices, and create business opportunities.

The next Bea World Festival will take place in December 2020.

The Best Event Awards

logo beaworld besteventaward or The Best Events Awards World stand out as the main international event industry recognition, an initiative to celebrate the best creativity and innovation applied to events. Created in 2006 by ADC Group to foster and advance the importance of events in the marketing plans of companies and organisations, the Best Event Awards have helped participating agencies from 40 countries in finding inspiration and new ideas for their events.

Bea World is open to companies from the event industry based anywhere across the world, including event agencies, public relations, communications, promotions, advertising and web agencies, corporations, public bodies, associations, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, locations, etc.

The Best Location Awards

beaworld BLA orWith the aim of rewarding the entire value chain of the events industry, ADC Group, in the context of Bea World Festival, introduces this year the very first annual Best Location Awards. Indeed, the actual place where an event takes place plays a fundamental role in its success. The Best Location Awards thus celebrates the best event venues and the best destinations and convention bureaus of the world, as voted by a selected Jurycomprising senior representatives of national associations of events agencies from around the world.

Participation in the Best Location Awards is open to various types of venues that possess a license to hold events (B2B, B2C, public and private), in accordance with the legislation of the country in which they are based. In addition, in a dedicated category, destination marketing organisationsconvention and visitors bureaus and public and/or private organisations for territorial promotion within MICE from all over the world can also take part.

ADC Group

ADC logoADC Group is an Italian based media holding company, co-founded in 2002 by Salvatore Sagone. The group incorporates ADVexpress and e20express communication news agencies, e20 and Nuova Comunicazione magazines. ADC Group also issues the reading series Communication Notebooks (I Quaderni della Comunicazione). Since 2006 it has organised the Best Event Awards, later grew to a global festival of events and live communication – the Bea World Festival – as well as other Awards and initiatives reserved to the Italian communication and event market (BEA – Italian Best Event AwardsBest Location AwardsNC AwardsNC Digital Awards). In 2018 ADC Group launched, within the Bea World Festival, the Best Location Awards – World.