Ferrari | Bea World Jury President
Chief Communications Officer

Francesca Montini


Francesca Montini is Chief Communications Officer since April 2023. She joined Ferrari in January 2018 as Head of Brand and Corporate Communications. Over her career Francesca has built a strong international profile in corporate and brand communications working across multiple markets (Europe, the Middle East and the U.S.A.) and a variety of powerful global brands, including Nike, Nokia, Ford, Jeep and Ferrari.

Francesca in a few Tweets

Being a Bea World jury member has provided an extremely valuable pov on the creative challenges and solutions facing a variety of agencies in different markets.

Being President of the jury of the BEA WORLD FESTIVAL 2023 is a great honor and a responsibility which I eagerly look forward to.

Agencies taking part in the Best Event Awards access an important platform to showcase some of their best work, to existing and potentially new clients.

The advice I would give agencies competing for the Best Event Awards is dare, but never lose focus.

Some events represent unforgettable milestones – setting a benchmark for other events and creating a valuable ripple effect. If not eternal, they are definitely memorable.

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