Indiana Production
Partner / Executive Producer / MD of Advertising

Karim Bartoletti


Karim Bartoletti is a multi-award-winning creative producer with great international experience. Born in Switzerland, Karim grew up in Iran, Italy, and the USA. In Chicago Karim graduated from Northwestern University, worked at DDB and Y&R. Since 2002, In 2002 Karim moved back to Italy to be Partner/Executive Producer at Filmmaster Productions and since 2015, he is Partner/Executive Producer and MD of Advertising at Indiana Production, a Film, TV and Advertising production company with offices in Milan and Rome considered amongst the top companies in the country. Karim has won every award in the industry, has participated as a Juror in some of the best Award Shows in our business and is a regular lecturer, presenter, guest speaker in various schools, shows and events in Italy and abroad. Karim has been elected the Board of the ADCI – The Italian Art Director’s Club for 3 terms, Board Member of the CPA – the Association of Italian Advertising Production Companies for 2 terms and Board Member of the CFP-e – the European Association of the Advertising Production Companies. Karim is also Global Ambassador for the AICP, a national REP for Cannes Lions in Italy and is on the Board of YDA - Young Directors Award. Karim is based in Milan, speaks 4 languages – of which 3 on a daily basis.

Karim in a few Tweets

An award-winning project must... "shake your senses, squeeze your emotions, poke your mind and, at the end, make you wish for more of the above".

My advice to the nominees... "A great event does not need a lot of words to be described to others, so don’t worry, you will have no problems describing it to the jury in 8 minutes".

 A quote about your past experience at EuBea/Bea World..."The world of events feels at home at Bea World, because Bea World IS THE HOME for the world of events".

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