Bea World Festival
SoFresh Touristik for RINGANA
Managing Director

Laura Sophie Wannemacher


Laura Sophie Wannemacher is the managing director of SoFresh Touristik, the exclusive event and travel agency for the fresh cosmetic producer RINGANA. Together with her team, she established a disruptive event infrastructure that enables thousands of partners to participate at events and educational experiences all over Europe. With a strong focus on sustainability throughout the event planning process, her ambition is to reduce the ecological footprint while including latest trends and technology.

Laura in a few tweets

An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must…: "be in emotional, economical and ecologically sustainable consens."

My advice to the nominees…: "Ask yourself: “ why is my project so outstanding and deserves the BEA Award.“ If you don’t know why, how should the jury knows!"

“Live Free” is Bea World 2022 Claim. What is live free for you? "to live a self-determined life, in a self-created environment with a high self-esteem.“

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