SoFresh Touristik for RINGANA
Managing Director

Laura Sophie Wannemacher


Entrepreneur & Event Maven. Founder of an event and travel agency exclusively for RINGANA, with a strong focus on blending cutting-edge technology seamlessly while championing eco-conscious practices for a greener, brighter future. Together with her team, Laura established a disruptive infrastructure that enables people to participate at events and educational experiences within Europe and beyond. Being honored with already two BEA Awards proves that hard work pays off.

Laura in a few tweets

An award-winning project must... "be in emotional, economical and ecologically sustainable consens."

My advice to the nominees…"Ask yourself: “ why is my project so outstanding and deserves the BEA Award.“ If you don’t know why, how should the jury knows!".

A quote about your past experience at EuBea/Bea World..."EuBea/Bea World enables you to surround yourself with people who share the same dreams, desires, and ambitions. #soinspiring".

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