LiveCom Alliance
Founder & Managing Director

Maarten Schram


Maarten Schram established LiveCom Alliance in 2016 as a non profit foundation on the belief that the live communication industry deserves a pan-European approach and audience, and would benefit from an overarching dedicated yet independent institution. Today, serving ten national organisations (participating associations) and affecting over 1.000 leading agencies and companies (associated members) around Europe. Maarten thrives the pan-European industry creating a stronger, more sustainable and more interesting playing field by introducing the first pan-European Code of Ethics (2017) and first pan-European Pitch Guidelines (2018). Furthermore he publishes the European Industry Survey regularly. The LiveCom Alliance European Industry Survey aims to capture the major trends and economic impact drivers for the live communication industry in the world’s biggest free trade area. Since 2019 this study has been conducted by the renowned market research company RIFEL Institute, an important step towards building a comprehensive overview of this important industry. Maarten is also managing director at the Independent Dutch Event Association (IDEA), the association for Dutch leading live communication & event agencies. Since he graduated from the InterCollege Business School in The Hague, he has been working in the event and live communication industry for 25 years. Maarten is also jury member and involved in the advisory board of several national and international awards and events and was during the pandemic years member of the program team of the Dutch Fieldlab Events program.

Maarten in a few Tweets

An award-winning project must…"deliver the ultimate balance in the creative idea, showcasing the craftsmanship of ‘artisans in experiential’, build on a proper strategic approach including kpi’s and measurement of impact".

My advice to the nominees..."make the most out of your jury presentation, add something new, remarkable and additional to your entry, something worth remembering and showcasing why your case is the award winning case among the others".

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