Bea World Festival


Entrant agencies have the opportunity to enter their project in the Event CategoriesSpecial/Feature Categories, and in one of the Macro Categories, and win the related Awards.

Macro Event Categories Awards

1st place Gold Elephant Trophy / 2nd place Silver Elephant Plaque / 3rd place Bronze Elephant Plaque

  1. B2B EVENT: Event aimed at a business target: trade, clients, agents (e.g.: conference, incentive, fair).
  2. B2C EVENT: Event aimed at the final consumer (e.g.: product launch/service, roadshow, etc.).
  3. B2I EVENT: Event aimed at an internal audience (e.g.: incentive, team building, training event, convention, etc.).

Event Categories Awards

1st place Gold Elephant Trophy / 2nd place Silver Elephant Plaque / 3rd place Bronze Elephant Plaque

  1. BRAND ACTIVATION: Experiential marketing initiative aimed at creating engagement between the target and the product
  2. CELEBRATION/FESTIVITY: Events organised to commemorate a recurrence, an anniversary, another special occasion, or to celebrate the opening of new buildings, points of sales etc.
  3. CONVENTION: Events focused on internal and/or external target groups, featuring both institutional and entertainment elements, such as presentation of corporate goals, keynote speakers, awards, guest celebrities, etc. 
  4. CREATIVE INSTALLATION: Territorial activation event through artistic installations, ‘stunts’ for promotional/commercial purposes, etc.
  5. CULTURAL/MUSICAL EVENT: Event of an institutional, cultural, or musical nature that includes elements of show, entertainment, and public engagement (e.g.: festivals, institutional ceremonies, public institution events, etc.)
  6. EDUCATIONAL/TRAINING EVENT: Event with educational/training objectives aimed at all targets.
  7. FESTIVAL: any organised set of special events, such as musical/artistic performances, plays, happenings, entertainment, and festive activities taking place in one location during a fixed period of time, celebrating a specific theme/topic, and directed to any target, business or consumer.
  8. GREEN/SUSTAINABLE EVENT: most innovative, creative, and effective sustainable achievement, minimising the event’s environmental footprint and/or contributing to an economic or social development.
  9. INCENTIVE/TEAM BUILDING: Incentive travel and team building events to foster motivation, strengthen loyalty towards a company, and encourage the reach of business goals. They can be targeted both to an internal or external audience.
  10. INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION PROJECT: A project in which the event is a key element of the planning strategy. The agency must, however, have also followed all other activation stages, in addition to video production and streaming, creating an actual live communication platform, and adding social media content delivery, media management, etc.
  11. MEETING, CONGRESS, AND CONFERENCE: Meetings of representatives of a profession, trade body, or other interest group, to present and discuss a specific topic of common interest targeted to an audience external to the organiser.
  12. METAVERSE EVENT: Event held in a virtual location where participants meet in the form of avatars.
  13. NON-PROFIT/CSR EVENT:  Events committed to a social issue, and with non-profit objectives.
  14. PRESS & PR EVENT: Events specifically (even if not exclusively) targeted to journalists, such as press conferences, press days, press presentations etc.
  15. PRODUCT/SERVICE LAUNCH: Event specifically designed and organised for the launch of a new product or a new service.
  16. PUBLIC INSTITUTION EVENT: Events promoted by public bodies (e.g., local governments, city councils, etc.), such as cultural events, festivals etc.
  17. ROADSHOW: Event that takes place at different times in different stages and locations, but with the same concept and objective, aimed at a business and/or consumer target.
  18. SPORTING EVENT: Events focused on sports, combined with show and entertainment in an original and engaging way.
  19. TRADE RETAIL EVENT: in-store events, consumer promotions, shopper marketing operations, field sampling campaigns, etc.
  20. TRADE SHOW: Exhibitions organised for a specific industry to showcase new products, services, studies, etc., targeted to both business and public audiences.

Special Categories Awards

1st place Gold Elephant Trophy / 2nd place Silver Elephant Plaque / 3rd place Bronze Elephant Plaque

Special/Feature Categories differ from Event Categories in as much as the latter refer and apply to a classification of events by their production and objective peculiarities, while the first can apply to any Event Category, but refer only to a specific aspect of the event.

  1. DIGITAL EVENT: Event exclusively carried out in digital mode.
  2. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: A traditionally physical event reinterpreted in digital terms.
  3. HYBRID EVENT: Project able to use online and offline media in a creative and effective way (web, social media, adv, pr, etc.), to promote, develop, and follow up the event itself.
  4. LOW BUDGET EVENT: Events carried out with a budget lower than €50,000, showing outstanding creativity to reach event objectives with a minimal cost per head.
  5. ORGANISATIONAL COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENT: Event in which a complex organisational plan is managed wisely and effectively to achieve the objectives.
  6. PROPRIETARY FORMAT: Event defined by an original format owned by the organiser, designed and produced by an agency or company.
  7. UNEXPECTED USE  OF A SPACE: Event in which the unconventional use of a space is a determining factor for the success of the operation.
  8. USE OF TECHNOLOGY: Most creative and effective use of technology in an event, such as virtual/augmented reality, laser shows, interactive devices, etc., to reach the event’s goals.

Best Partner Awards

1st place Gold Elephant Trophy / 2nd place Silver Elephant Plaque / 3rd place Bronze Elephant Plaque

The Best Partners Awards section is reserved to all companies that work in the events and live communication supply chain, and which offer different services and creative, innovative, and effective solutions. This section aims to enhance the ability of partners to adapt to market developments and to the current scenario, marked by the overturning of traditional live communication formats.

  • LOCATION: Location for events that have been able to interpret change through solutions and adjustments that meet new customer needs.
  • CATERING: Catering companies that have been able to interpret change through solutions and adjustments that meet new customer needs.
  • DIGITAL PLATFORM EVENTS: Digital platforms and services capable of guaranteeing the achievement of objectives (training, networking, project development, product presentations, appointment schedules, use of content, etc.), as well as a high level of engagement, and integration with social media and other sharing means.
  • EVENT SERVICES: Different event services, which have been able to interpret change through the introduction of relevant innovations.