Memo Media

Kerstin Meisner


Kerstin Meisner founded memo-media Verlags GmbH in the year 2000 and has since consistently developed the company into one of the largest networks in the German-speaking region for event planning, with a huge brokerage platform and various publications. Kerstin Meisner is married, has two sons, and volunteers politically for the industry on the Council of Representatives of the Bundeskonferenz Veranstaltungswirtschaft.

Kerstin in a few Tweets

An award-winning project must…"be innovative and creative. It should break away from the usual perspective and reset the focus on the topic. So, it's not a question of budget, but of ideas".
My advice to the nominees..."Be authentic and show passion for the project!".

A quote about your past experience at EuBea/Bea World..."I attend the BEA Festival because I encounter many familiar faces and the insight into the projects during the live presentations is interesting and informative".

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