Bea World Festival
Corporate, Marketing & Digital Communication Manager

Gaia Corradini


Journalist, passionate about storytelling, she has combined the initial editorial experience with a master's degree in New Media: storymaking and marketing communication have been love at first sight. Recent passion, neuromarketing and experiential engagement of the audience, according to the H2H (human to human) approach. Currently Corporate, Marketing & Digital Communications Manager in Robert Bosch S.p.A, he coordinates the team of Advertising (ATL/BTL), Events, Digital Projects, Internal Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Gaia in a few tweets:

An award-winning project must ..."be simple, immediate and emotionally engaging. To attend
the event is no more enough: people love to be protagonist."

My advice to the nominees:... "Jury is made of people: awake their emotions and they will
follow in love with your project. Live presentation must be works of Heart."

“Live Free” is Bea World 2022 Claim. What is live free for you?... "Living free means being
authentic: overcoming the expected image of the brand, being empathetic, acting the way
you want your audience to do"

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