Bea World Festival
Event Director, SAPPHIRE NOW

Stephanie Dubois


Stephanie has been involved in various aspects of event planning since 2011, from facilitating customer networking activities to content delivery and show floor planning, always within international, virtual teams. She was the Program Director for SAP Select in Europe in 2017 and 2018, setting the highest standards in the quality of customer experience. She is now the Program Director for SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP's flagship event and a reference in the event industry. Thanks to her background in business operations, customer references, administration and teaching, she places particular value on the importance of individual experiences, story-telling and community building, both for her audience and her team.

Stephanie in a few Tweets

  • Others say about me that I work as hard as I party… which sometimes sets a rather high standard!
  • My biggest challenge is to remember to enjoy the process as much as the result. Every step matters, and every win counts.
  • An award-winning project must pursue innovation, spark curiosity, foster connections, channel emotions, and reflect your team’s values.
  • My advice to the nominees: unleash your creativity, showcase your team’s work, take pride in your achievements, and learn, learn, learn.
  • The Nature of Events is to create human, emotional connections through shared experiences.
  • Collaboration in events means embracing diversity to create an experience that will reflect your team’s passion.
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of bringing the best of several worlds, to bring about a new, better world.

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