Head of Global Event Management

Stephanie Dubois


Stephanie leads the Global Event Management team at SAP, in charge of designing, planning, executing, and delivering SAP’s tier 1 and flagship in-person and digital experiences on a global scale. Her tenure has included leading the extensive SAPPHIRE NOW team, to design and deliver the company’s flagship event, as well as the most exclusive customer experiences with SAP Select.

Stephanie thrives on team success and creating an environment of trust and mutual support, where innovation is encouraged through mitigated risks, and individuals can be at their best. She is keen on diversity, inclusion, and sustainability, and makes sure the events her team produces reflect these values. Thanks to her background in business operations, customer references, administration, and teaching, she places particular value on the importance of individual experiences, storytelling, and community building, both for her audiences and her own multi-cultural team.

Stephanie in a few Tweets

An award-winning project must... "push the envelope of creativity and reflect the fun that the team had planning it".

My advice to the nominees is... "showcase your work with pride, and share your inspiration!".

A quote about your past experience at EuBea/Bea World..."Being a juror at BEAWorld has been an endless source of inspiration. It is wonderful to watch the best event people in the world compete to showcase their work with pride, and to have a front row seat when teams see their efforts and creativity recognized by the entire industry!".

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