Bea World Festival
Head of Live & Experience Branding

Ulrike Tondorf


Ulrike started gathering operational experience in shop fitting and exhibition stand construction during her studies, at the beginning of her professional life. As Head of Corporate Branding & Exhibition in Bayer, she was in charge of the design, strategic planning, steering and implementation of all national and international congress participations, exhibitions and event realizations across all HealthCare brands.  Her responsibilities were extended later with corporate branding management to increase visibility/recognition of the corporate Brand in direct association with the product Brands. Since 2017, Ulrike has been leading the Center of Excellence for Bayer`s live & experience branding, an integral part of Corporate Branding – from strategy development and implementation to conceptual design and realization of selected live communication and experience branding measures of communicative relevance. The scope includes all areas of branding that share the personal target audience approach

We have reached her and asked her a few questions about Bea World Festival and some tips for participants to impress the Jury.

  • What are the most valuable takeaways you have gained by being a Bea World jury member and Vice President over the past few years?
    The live communications industry was, and continues to be, an important part of brand activation, and in recent years I have learnt a lot from the participating agencies and colleagues from other companies. The demand has changed due to the pandemic, and companies are using this as an opportunity to consolidate the topics of sustainability and diversity in this industry for the future! A great opportunity for the agency world to adjust to it too! 
  • In your opinion, what is the added value of taking part in the Best Event Awards for event agencies?
    As an agency, you have to constantly challenge yourself to stay up-to-date. What can be better than getting an award from the business to understand whether you are meeting their needs?
  • An award-winning project in the new post-pandemic context must…
    …must respond to the specific needs of each individual end-user, regardless of whether they are there live, physical, or digital.
  • What advice would you give agencies competing for the Best Event Awards?
    Diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones for innovative solutions! Listening to the needs, and being open to new solutions, will have a lasting effect on sustainable customer experiences.
  • Welcome to the new stage” is the 2021 Festival Claim. What is the “new stage” for you?
    “New stage” for me is a synonym for CHANGE. Nobody yet knows for sure what the future need of a brand experience may look like. It is in the process of change, and can only be worked out by thoroughly listening to the consumer. We do not have to reinvent the wheel but have to rethink and combine what we know to get to more individualized, sustainable solutions. 

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