Bea World Festival
Head of Live & Experience Branding

Ulrike Tondorf


Ulrike started gathering operational experience in shop fitting and exhibition stand construction during her studies, at the beginning of her professional life. As Head of Corporate Branding & Exhibition in Bayer, she was in charge of the design, strategic planning, steering and implementation of all national and international congress participations, exhibitions and event realizations across all HealthCare brands.  Her responsibilities were extended later with corporate branding management to increase visibility/recognition of the corporate Brand in direct association with the product Brands. Since 2017, Ulrike has been leading the Center of Excellence for Bayer`s live & experience branding, an integral part of Corporate Branding – from strategy development and implementation to conceptual design and realization of selected live and experience branding measures of communicative relevance. The scope includes all areas of branding that share the personal target audience approach.

Ulrike in a few Tweets

  • My passion in life is design.
  • Others say about me that I never lose my composure.
  • My biggest challenge is time. Because I love what I am doing.
  • The one thing I cannot do without is time. Because I love what I am doing.
  • An awards-winning project must… indicate the beat, with an inspiring, attracting experiential live communication.
  • My advice to the nominees: a live communication measure needs to deliver its purpose. Innovation and digitalization is a must, but tools have to support and not become an end in themselves.
  • The Nature of Events is to make full use of our master brand and product brands as sources of sensory, affective, and cognitive associations, resulting in memorable and rewarding brand experiences.
  • Collaboration in events means cooperation and teamwork.
  • "Co-creation" makes me think of a creative think tank where a group of llikeminded share their thoughts and learnings to create outstanding solutions - together as one!

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