Head Of Marketing

Davide Neri


With 2 years at eBay, Davide Neri joined Hasbro in 2016 as Digital Manager, boosting Italian branch's eComm and Media strategy. Now, as Head of Marketing Italy, he oversees brand, media, and trade teams after serving as Head of Media, managing advertising budget and eTailers strategies, and Senior Marketing Manager for South EU cluster.

Davide in a few Tweets

An award-winning project must... "demonstrate exceptional innovation, flawless execution, and significant positive impact. It should inspire and set new standards, leaving a lasting impression on both the industry and its audience".

My advice to the nominees is... "to begin with the context, the data and the strategy. Finally make us dream with the execution. Regardless of the outcome, cherish the journey, as being nominated is already a remarkable accomplishment. Best of luck!".

A quote about your past experience at EuBea/Bea World..."BeaWorld is an incredible moment to connect with the industry's best, share experiences and enlarge my network. Can't wait for this year's edition!".

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