MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA
Global Events Manager

Simona Basilicata


Simona Basilicata is the Global Events Manager at MSC Cargo Division since June 2019.

In the past 20+, Simona has built a strong international profile in the shipping industry. Starting from the Cruises sector, where she held different managerial roles in the marketing area consolidating her expertise in events to the Cargo sector where she builds, plans, manages and executes global events and supervises regional and local events to ensure a common approach, continuous innovation and identify economies of scale.

Responsible for shape the strategy, drive business results through events with her team, creating integrated marketing and communications campaigns to optimize all events impact.

Simona in a few Tweets

An award-winning project must..."put the guest at the centre of a memorable experience, living a unique journey through the brand”. 

My advice to the nominees is…“put passion in what you do, create and meet your purpose”.

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