Bea World Festival
Oriflame Cosmetics
BEA WORLD JURY PRESIDENT - Global Event Director

Alexander Safonov


Alexander graduated from the City Business College of London with an Mba in Marketing.
He leads event functions at Oriflame Cosmetics and together with his team is responsible for Oriflame’s major global and regional events. He received several professional event awards in Russia and 4 EuBea awards. Before joining Oriflame, Alexander led all main marketing campaigns for Microsoft Russia.

Alexander in a few Tweets

  • My biggest challenge is the next one.
  • An awards-winning project usually does not cost billions, has wide media reach and serves a social purpose.
  • My advice to the nominees: be cool.
  • The Nature of Events is all about emotions and effectiveness.
  • Collaboration in events is absolutely essential but needs to be driven
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of  letting event attendees choose and create their own agenda ticking off their individual need boxes and making the event experience 100% relevant

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