Bea World Festival
Head of Events

Stefanie Winter


Passionate about live communication. More than 20 years she feels geared up with live marketing as a firm believer of content in context and combination of meeting the right people makes the difference. Supporting businesses to develop strong messages for trade shows and events and integrate live communication in their strategy and finally implementing is her passion . Exchanging knowledge and building up reliable networks is essential to constantly develop live marketing further. Curious and eager to accept the challenge to drive the change to digitalisation and create virtual and hybrid events that are as touching as physical ones.She is in favor of diverse teams to bring in as many dimensions as possible and develop changes for the good, as a member of a team as well as in her leadership role which she holds since more than 10 years now in various teams.

Stefanie in a few tweets

  • An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must… make a difference and touch the heart of the participants by supporting to overcome social distances
  • ‘Simplicity is the new gold’ means… that our task as event designers is to make access easy, in communities as well as to digest the content
  • Others say about me that…I’m enthusiastic about new challenges
  • My biggest challenge pack 25 hours in one day  no honestly “stretching the borders between physical and digital space”
  • My advice to the nominees: “Always think from the receiver end – that will help you to create your very own event story”
  • Minus… Plus (for example "- internet + cabernet")”- another boring webinar + creating stories to transport your content

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