Head of Events

Debora Piovesan


Debora Piovesan, is a native Italian, who specializes for 20 years in the planning, development, management and production of large-scale events. She has worked with major global companies such as Daiichi Sankyo, Merck or Ericsson but also as Congress Director in ESOT (European Society for Organ Transplantation). Since 2018, she is the Head of Events of UNICEO, the main international association for senior corporate events decision makers.

Debora in a few Tweets

An award-winning project must ..."✨spark innovation, 📈deliver measurable impact, 🌟captivate with creativity, and 🌍embrace sustainability. It's a testament to the art and science of event excellence! 🏆🎉 #BeaWorldFestival #Excellence #UNICEO"

My advice to the nominees..."Shine a spotlight on what makes your event unique, highlight the impact it's had, and don't forget to share the journey—challenges and all! Your story is as valuable as the end result. Best of luck! 🌟🏆 #Storytelling #BeaWorldFestival #Excellence #UNICEO"

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