Bea World Festival
Nature Gallery – Installation

Nature Gallery – Installation

Client company:
Neste Latvija / Energy company - The main activities of the company are the storage and trade of oil products

The Event

Nature Gallery is a new concept event – an Installation that combines science, art, unique design, gastronomy, technology and cultural developments.

A building was created in the Nature Gallery that rotates 360 degrees, framing nature paintings, with a musical performance matched to the rotation process. The building has a sliding terrace that goes above the treetops.
Art installations in the forest, which combine music, technology and scenography elements, create natural phenomena such as fog, rain, thunder and the moon. Visitors are involved in the creation of music in NATURE.
With the help of special applications visitors can observe GPS augmented reality objects above the lake. A globe that tells about climate change in different parts of the world.
In the Nature Gallery, a movie is shown on the lake, special information points have been created near natural objects such as mosses, ferns, etc. where visitors listen to the facts of biophilic scientists combined with poetic texts.
With the involvement of popular Latvian actors and poets you can listen to poetry from the trees, while the composer has created a musical performance