Bea World Festival
Czech Republic
Client company:
Les Productions Unique, s. r. o.
Organising company:

The Event

Bylo, Nebylo (“Once upon a time” in Czech) is an immersive exhibition of impressionist paintings in a 3D sound environment located in Fórum Karlín, Prague.

The content for the projections were created by the Canadian company Canada’s Noisy Head Studio and artist Marcella Grimaux, who carefully chose the art and gave them movement. There were many online meetings discussing the creative proposals, that had to be aligned with the technical possibilities and the allocated budget. Bylo, Nebylo was the first exhibition of a kind organized in the Czech Republic, meaning AV MEDIA EVENTS had to come up with the audiovisual solution to create an unforgettable experience for the visitors, giving them the feeling they are part of the art.