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Kazakhstan Pavilion Expo 2020 – Mainshow “Unlimited Space”

Kazakhstan Pavilion Expo 2020 – Mainshow “Unlimited Space”

Client company:
Kasachstan QuazExpoCongres

The Event

The Main Show marks the dramaturgic climax of Kazakhstan’s pavilion at Expo 2020. An acrobat interacts with a robotic arm in a multimedia show that engagingly documented the future of mankind and AI.

At Expo, Kazakhstan positioned itself as a country rich in tradition, modern and forward-thinking by putting these features in an exciting context. Visitors experienced the country and its riches of yesterday, today and tomorrow in many exciting ways. The Main Show marks the dramaturgical climax of the journey, the emotional highlight as an impressive vision of future life. In line with the Expo motto “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, we showed a state-of-the-art connection by creating a future where man and machine co-exist in harmony. In a captivating high-tech multimedia show with a 270-degree panorama cinema, AI and humankind interact in a unique live performance.