Bea World Festival
The Grand Gin Hotel by Hendrick’s Gin

The Grand Gin Hotel by Hendrick’s Gin

Client company:
Hendrick's, William Grant & Sons
Organising company:
Magic Garden, 27 Names

The Event

The Grand Gin Hotel is a fully immersive & interactive brand activation for Hendrick’s Gin, to engage cultural influencers and the 25-44 y.o. with its unusual Brand universe.

To showcase the impact of the most unusual Gin, let’s MAKE THE USUAL UNSUAL!
Welcome into the THE GRAND GIN HOTEL by HENDRICK’S, open for 3 days: a launch party for celebrities, influencers, journalists, bar tenders to celebrate the World Cucumber Day and 2 more evenings for the public.
THE GRAND GIN HOTEL is a JOURNEY into the unusual HENDRICK’S universe: a wonderland of Victorian Surrealism and elegance. A journey for the curious ceaselessly provoking the imagination, beckoning guests with continuing surprise and wonder.
– IMMERSIVE so that you can experience the unexpected
– INTERACTIVE so that you can learn its code,
– MULTI-SENSORY so that you can soak it all in …
Each space is a new world to explore, embodying one of the many facets of Hendrick’s gin.
Guests can discover its unique cocktails, its singular history and origin, THE GRAND GIN HOTEL being a tribute to Hendrick’s Gin Palace (Hendrick’s secret distillery) in Scotland, supervised by its Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie.