Client company:
KKM - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Government of Hungary

The Event

The most prestigious international diplomatic meeting organized in the field of sustainability. With more than 150 professional exhibitors and an interactive adventure course for young people.

We promoted everyday, simple, accessible solutions for visitors to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Use of water bottles instead of disposable PET bottles, selective waste collection, use of electric scooters for crew movement on site, healthy diet.
Heroes Of The Future
Each of the stations is organized around a mechanical quiz. The 9 stations are organized around different themes, with different visuals, different additional activities and technology based around the quizzes, thus making the visuals more colorful and informative.
Your Planet
The structures of the islands presenting the individual themes are made of recycled and recyclable cardboard, as are the additional furniture used at the event, such as wardrobes, seats, hostess desks, screens or origami flower decorations.
We presented sustainable and healthy nutrition, the operation of a sewage treatment plant or the elements of a smart city using AR technology, via iPads.