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Atlans GmbH

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PLANET LIVE is a unique interactive installation that helps companies to raise awareness for sustainability. It shows the health and status of the world in real time with a focus on climate change.

The idea of a second earth was originally born by Buckminster Fuller, who regreted, that there were no networked computers in the 60-ies. We have – in coordination with the Buckminster Fuller Institute – built his vision. as complex and simple as it is, it is the first system of this kind.

Innovations of the project:
– Global realtime and historic data is updated every hour
– data is processed to visually comprehensible maps
– open platform that works on 3 different setup options yet
1) Spheric Projection with touch interface
3) Multitouch Screen for wall installation
4) Mapping Installation with projection

– Offers a holistic view on earth and shows the world state in one view
– but you can zoom in on a detailed level for each single data point
– Offers many “Aha”-moments and learnings
– Works always and also Offline (using the last data retrievable)
– A disruptive tool for the paedagogic domain