Client company:
Mercedes-Benz Finland

The Event

Mercedes-Benz’s all-electric EQE’s launching event guided towards a purchase decision by creating a personal emotional bond to the car, via a unique pulse generated emotional art piece.

Eventful encounters are one of the most efficient ways to create a comprehensive experience. Typically the showings of high class cars have been grandiloquent events, where the car raised on a podium has been presented simultaneously to as wide of an audience as possible. However at these events, the emotion which guides 95% of a purchase decision* remains weak. (*

Our event was built around the EQE’s slogan “This is for all senses”. DJ Slow created a real time audio landscape at the venue. With the Black Box we provided the facilities for creating a personal emotional bond with the EQE. Our concept complemented the EQE’s technical features, such as the interior lighting (fully adjustable to the driver’s mood). In a nut shell, we invited the driver to sit, experience, and share the experience captured to an emotional art piece – and be impressed enough to confirm the purchase.