Client company:
BMW Belux
Organising company:
The Oval Office

Category Winner

The Event

A launch event for new BMW-models with a special focus on the luxury segment. The objective was to convince the difficult target group for luxury cars to come to this event and discover the new models

The concept idea, Moments of inspiration, was summarized in this manifesto:
“What is inspiration? Inspiration is everywhere, it’s around us. It’s in the noise, the silence. It’s in the touch of the finest materials. It’s in the joy of the little things we take for granted. It’s here. It’s in all of us. It’s you that inspire us. Everyday we go that extra mile for you.
By focusing on inspiration and linking it to the passion points of the target groups, we not only succeeded in having a high turnout. By immersing visitors throughout the event in the world of BMW and its models, BMW was very explicitly linked to the world of innovation, sustainability and luxury.

The message “It’s you that inspires us” also had to be clearly felt. A technical set-up with a full 360° experience ensured that everyone was really drawn into the show. The 21 cars came from all sides, thus surprising the guests at every moment.