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EXPO 2020 DUBAI – Live Entertainment Programming

EXPO 2020 DUBAI – Live Entertainment Programming

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EXPO 2020 Dubai
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The Event

HQWS developed, curated, programmed, managed and delivered all Live Entertainment across the two main performance venues at Expo 2020 Dubai – Jubilee Stage and Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre.

– Musical programming was central to the Expo2020 creative strategy and formed more than 70% of the Expo-led content.
– The initial creative was centered around one-off, unique artistic collaborations, forming seamless transitions between acts. This meant hundreds of hours of discussion across 5 months with each of the cultural representatives of the 192 visiting country pavilions, to identify and broker collaborative moments between them and the participating independent artists.
– A secondary creative aim was to represent young, up and coming artists from around the world, bringing about lasting impact on their careers due to the exposure and connections created through their experience at Expo 2020.
– Two unique formats were developed in order to deliver the above. This included the ‘Rondo’ format and the “Vitruvian Flower’ format. Each dictated a clear structure as to how the programming was implemented on the night.
– We were also involved in the development of the team