Client company:
Albert Heijn
Organising company:

The Event

How does the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands raise awareness for this new and urgent mission? By inspiring people and connecting them through a festival: AH Better Food Festival.

XSAGA and AH have created a brand-new festival where visitors are guided, in a surprising and playful way, to move one step at a time towards a ‘better world’. For this purpose, we utilised the signal function of a traffic light where the light turns red, orange and then green. In the red domain, visitors are confronted with their own selves, their own lives, and their health. The second (orange domain) focuses on the social and connecting aspect of (eating together) before finally landing in the green domain where we let visitors experience how better food can contribute to a more sustainable world in the long run. We also introduced a novelty in the form of a ‘digital goody bag’ that allows visitors to take home a host of additional information alongside tasty discounts, in a sustainable way. In doing so, we show how a modern festival can actively contribute to a more sustainable society.