Bea World Festival
Digital World Premiere Amels 80 ‘Evolution is in our Nature’

Digital World Premiere Amels 80 ‘Evolution is in our Nature’

Client company:
Damen Yachting
Organising company:
Obsession & Live Legends

The Event

On 31 March 2022 we unveiled the new Amels 80 with a global launch like no other. The 263-foot-long superyacht was presented to three different target groups during its Digital World Premiere.

In order to respond to the three different target groups, we designed unique program tracks. In this way we could manage our resources in a sustainable way. We started within an intimate setting where prospects were welcomed to join the table together with the designers and MD Rose Damen. Via a custom-made platform, guests were able to interact and witness the design process of the yacht. Up next, the yachting industry and relevant press gathered at the same time and experienced in a dynamic online show the story of the Amels 80. By using a 1-10 scale model, performing art and tailor-made music, we were able to combine storytelling and the design of the ship. After a dazzling show, the designers and Rose Damen came forward to explain its pedigree design. The 5381-square-feet screen was used to support their story. The last chapter of the event was its press Q&A. Press members were able to download a press kit after which they could immediately distribute Amels’ brand-new content.