Client company:
The Walt Disney Company - Disney+

The Event

Disney+, the digital broadcasting platform of The Walt Disney Company, was to start broadcasting in Turkey on June 14, 2022. For the launch strategy, Disney+ has designed a big and bold campaign.

The campaign was designed on the vision of Disney+ being perceived not as a good challenger but as a market leader.
It needed to differentiate itself in a market where everyone was talking about content, producing original content, and audiences were not very aware of the content ecosystem.
To achieve this, a creative strategy was built on the basis of Disney+’s already popular content that never lost its popularity. In the launch event to be created, it was aimed to create and combine all content with this power;
The newest, trendy place in Istanbul,
Treats and cocktails to be designed with inspiration from Disney+ content,
Experience corners consisting of contents from Disney+,
An unforgettable symphony concert with Disney+ soundtracks,
Turkey’s most powerful and popular popstar was brought together under this roof.
The launch event to be created with this combination would share the message “the best of today, tomorrow, all time, everyone at Disney+” to the market&target audience.