VR Space Base Festival

VR Space Base Festival

Client company:
Slovenska sporitelna
Organising company:
Slovenska sporitelna

Category Winner

The Event

Space Base – the first metaverse festival in Slovakia. Hundreds of fans of digital worlds and music met on a virtual planet to party, meet new people and experience something truly one-of-its-kind.

Slovenská sporitelna has been building an image as a modern, digital bank for many years. It has pushed the limits of what is technically possible – for example the holographic bank clerk Vesna – and now it has taken a leap people would not expect from a conservative, traditional brand. First virtual festival in Slovakia open to the public broke down the barriers between the offline and online worlds.

The festival combined innovative technologies permitting holoportation by artists, artificial intelligence integration and a sophisticated system for visitor registration and access to present a fully fledged virtual event, music festival and modern happening. Prime feature was interaction between visitors – the possibility to have realistic conversations and link to topics in society and their interpretation in the virtual world.
Holoportation technology facilitated the main-stage performance by Miss Monique, an artist from Ukraine, at a time of very intense fighting in her country.