Client company:
Viking Cruises
Organising company:
Next Group

The Event

An event-experience that reinvents the ceremony with a hi-tech show in the Fortezza Vecchia and a narration-show with surprise ending.

The idea is to create an artistic, hi-tech story to unite the Fortezza and the ship, the port and town, Nordic spirit and Italian character, with a breath-taking finale.
The Fortezza hosts 7 installations on the role of stars navigation and science, a parallel homage to Galileo and the Vikings. The ceremony starts at nightfall, but is interrupted at the highpoint because the axe to cut the tape is missing. A show of 6 scenes starts. Inspired by the Norse sagas, it is illustrated by a videomapping on the castle and interpreted by 6 artistic performances. The story tells of the liberation of the sun and ends when the supernatural axe returns to the heavens in the hands of a god. Immediately afterwards, a luminous man really flies around the ship in the night and then lands on the bow and delivers the axe for the naming. Then fireworks synchronised with the Planets Suite.