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Eurapco Board Symposium 2018 – The Start of the Human Touch

Eurapco Board Symposium 2018 – The Start of the Human Touch

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Me&Maureen Experience Design

The Event

How to celebrate a personal dream? In 1991, 4 visionary leaders convinced 8 European Insurance companies to start Eurapco, an alliance that would serve clients across Europe. In 2017, Eurapco celebrated it’s 25th anniversary in Madrid. A festive, intimate reunion for all founding partners, executives and managing directors. A 3-day journey of personal and informal triggerpoints, resulted in new bilaterals, and over 600K account benefits. By breaking hierarchy, trust was build for the near future

The Start of the Human Touch was a concept to introduce the human relationship towards Insurtech: new insurance technology. Main question to attendees: how can we relate to future technology, such as robots, virtual assistants, genomics and self driving cars, should we be afraid or embrace these new techniques? During the event we brought in leading experts and thought leaders of various industries: trendwatchers, researchers on genomics, and insurers. We made all experiences interactive, so people could discuss, play, relate and experience to the new future. Our objective was to introduce triggers that showed the tension between fear of and love for new technology. We aimed to create a transformation within the minds of attendees, from fear of being outsmarted by Insurtech to love of new possibilities. The human touch was created by asking speakers to talk from a personal perspective about this tension, as to stimulate attendees to reflect on their own personal view on the new future