25 Years of JOKE Event AG – Now it’s our turn

25 Years of JOKE Event AG – Now it’s our turn

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The Event

Since 1992, we have implemented over 250 anniversary events for our customers. We turned 25 last year and were finally able to organize our own anniversary.

Under the motto “25 Years of JOKE Event AG – Now it’s our turn,” we implemented an unconventional anniversary campaign, which was created in co-creation with our entire team and that tells a story. A story by us, about us.

There are a lot of big agencies in our industry and the range of services and communication is very similar. Almost all of them work for well-known brands, implement elaborate projects and use strong images of customer projects and marketing bullshit texts to convince customers.

But what makes the difference? What is the USP? How do you stand out from the masses?

Our approach: We are the difference. We are a great likable team. We love the power of staging. We love our job. We think outside the box, are courageous, unconventional and do not take ourselves seriously. In short: WE are our brand.

With our entire team, we have developed and implemented a live communication campaign in a wild co-creation process with 5 events for different target groups.

The events built on each other in terms of content and provided us with content for a multi-channel story. A story by us, about us. Approachable. Likable. Real.