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The Event

Hubo is a ‘do it yourself’ chain in Belgium. For their 25th birthday they wanted to organise a celebration evening in Brussels. Thanks to a lot of talent in the company they managed to become a leading company in Belgium with more then 140 shops spread over the country. More then 1.600 employees with partner were invited together with important suppliers, financiers,… The concept needed to be something active, not just a passive show.

The concept was simple, a talent show as we all know from the famous and well known TV formats. The challenge for the event agency was to motivate all national staff members to participate actively in the pre-event phase, making a good selection of talent, supporting the final candidates to a once in a lifetime performance for almost 4.000 people, guaranteeing a top notch show with TV quality knowing that we did not have ‘the power of the camera’, everything needed to be live. Our living room for that special night was one with 4.000 family members seeing and experiencing everything in the moment itself.