Bea World Festival
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La 5ª

The Event

CUPRA launched the new models up to 2025 and its commitment to electrification with a 6-day unconventional event for six different audiences at the Terramar Circuit.

CUPRA wanted to reflect its Unstoppable Impulse. The impulse that has from Barcelona to the rest of the world. That is why we returned to the place where the brand was born: the Terramar Circuit.
On the guest’s journey, they discovered the different spaces. From the undercarriage, to the circuit where all the CUPRA models were shown. Afterward, a catwalk awaited them to propel them towards the Prisma, the most representative building of the event, which was located next to the main curve of the circuit. The curve where you need to drive the fastest to get around it, the biggest impulse.
In the Prisma an unconventional reveal awaited them. Guests were able to drive the car before they could see it. The event focus’ was to have a total immertion.
Outside, in the same curve, a videomapping was projected, and CUPRA racing models went around interacting with the projection and symbolizing their impulse.