Badgers on Board

Badgers on Board

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Jolos - 27Names

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The Event

A 2-day event with a clear goal to get everyone on board, celebrate Bolt’s mission, foster motivation, and encourage the team to reach for Bolt’s goals.

As the main objective was for Bolt to grow as a company and as a team, we needed a concept that successfully combines those two and at the same time is simple, strong, and understandable. Since the beginning of Bolt, they have had this tradition of calling their employees honey badgers because they are fierce, feisty, and smart. We came up with the idea of using this strong connection between all the employees and emphasizing being in it together as one family and team. From that, the concept Badgers on Board was born and the creative idea focused on bringing every badger in Bolt on board both mentally and physically through an informational yet entertaining program.