Client company:
R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG

Category Winner

The Event

An anniv. celebration bringing together all employees for the 1st time cumulated in a large, interactive, innovative show telling the personal story of the R+V past&future, integrating many employees.

The anniversary show for all employees was a large, innovative, co-creative, interactive show with a strong employee participation (12 moderators, videos by employees instead of stock footage, storytellers, performers, interactive audience) that gave a great personal impact.
The setting with 16 especially constructed 4m wide and 3m high turning LED walls, a large 12meter high center stage, two 15m half transparent LED tunnels, many interactive LED towers and LED sticks carried by the dancers as well as 13.000 interactive wrist bands were an image of innovation, love for detail, multifaceted storytelling as well as had the strength for creating a large, emotional, personal show.
A show that again presented that TOGETHER we can change the future.