Client company:

The Event

A digital presentation of the strategy with its key players with a walkable setting of 6 strategies surrounding the target picture. It presents, involves & kick-offs the new interactive culture.

This task is difficult enough in a live event. But in a 3 day digital event, it is a true challenge.
Since learning & emotion functions best through a visual, spatial understanding, we designed a setting that gave each of the 6 strategic initiatives its own associative setting & presented the target picture with its 9 aspects in its center. With 2 camera cranes we dynamically connected the settings, let the video images in the setting extend into dynamic AR videos, presenting stages & key presenters in one dynamic connection.
The 2nd challenge was to allow the personalities of the key presenters to shine. So our associative settings gave them “real” spaces to utilize & the shoulder cams a direct, documentary style look.
The 3rd challenge, was to invite the guests to join the board in this new, interactive, open culture. We performed workshops on all stages & interactive co-creation platform, that initiated a communication campaign pushing the strategies as well as the overall culture.