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180heartbeats + JvM

The Event

In 2012 a giant rainbow sculpture appeared in Warsaw. It triggered hate among opponents of LGBT rights despite its joyful purpose. Set on fire and rebuilt 7 times until it was removed in 2015, it became a tragic reminder of Poland’s issues – it now ranks as EU’s 2nd most homophobic country.  Since the story of the rainbow still evokes strong emotions in Polish society, Ben&Jerry’s and NGO partners decided to reinstall it as a water-light hologram, making it an unbreakable symbol of love.

The rainbow event’s tagline was Love is love – every love is equal and just as important. Similarly, the rainbow is simply a rainbow, not a tool of provocation or propaganda, as right-wing supporters suggest. We wanted the restored rainbow to be indestructible this time. In reference to previous arsons, we decided to use water to make it fireproof. This is how we came up with the idea of a hologram rainbow on a water curtain.