Bea World Festival
Client company:
Arena SPA
Organising company:
Alphaomega Srl

The Event

Event to present the new S/S 2019 Arena Sportswear & Swimsuit collection

Palermo, the institutional partner of the event, granted, for the first time, permission for the use of the Castle of Zisa gardens, a UNESCO heritage site. The space, within one of the most deprived districts of Palermo, was subject to a major redevelopment project. The garden, the pools and the mosaics were restored to their former glory with a major renovation. This restoration was a gift from Arena to the citizens. For the occasion, the Councillor for Culture attended and closed the event. The location and its multidimensional character (Arabic, Christian) was the inspiration for Kaleidoscope, in which Arena took and staged the concept with an interactive show, a sequence of scenes, in which the nuances of man and his relationship with water are narrated. In fact, water accompanies the most important moments of life: to be born, to dive, the feeling of equality given to each of us, while maintaining our uniqueness.