Client company:
Coingaming Group
Organising company:
Milestone Events

The Event

A stunning gala on the moon for a quick-paced company wanting to celebrate the achievements of the year as well as its people, in a way that will inspire them to even loftier goals for the coming year

Our “To the Red Moon” theme is a story about how the seemingly impossible was achieved. The event was based on a challenge that was accepted here on Earth—to create yet another outstanding event for a long-term client who thought that this time it really might be too difficult.

The people in Coingaming Group are visionaries and dreamers who also get results. This fit in perfectly with the concept of not just going to the moon, but going to a red moon. At our event, they could see that the little blue dot we live on is not the limit, and they could enjoy the evening under the earthrise.

The “red moon” was chosen as it is the rarest form of moonlight, to symbolize how special and unique the attendees are. What’s more, being beyond Earth’s borders celebrated their international diversity, which is a key strength of theirs.

The entire event culminated with giving back to the community through an auction of artwork they themselves had created.