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EDP’s Global Employee Meeting

EDP’s Global Employee Meeting

Client company:
EDP - Energias de Portugal SA
Organising company:
Desafio Global

The Event

In just 2 months, the pioneering and innovative concept MADE OF US was created for one of the largest corporate events held in Portugal: the EDP’s Global Employee Meeting.

The transformation of one of the biggest showrooms in Portugal into a 180-degree immersive experience, with a pioneering scenography that resulted in an authentic sensory journey through giant screens that went around the ceiling of the room with mapped projection, to which were added two main stages. Before entering the main room through illuminated tunnels, employees had the opportunity to experience several activations. From Glam Cam activities to a Solidarity Library, where participants donated nearly 400 books to the social project “Na Rua com Histórias”. Other solidarity initiatives were present, such as the donation of surplus catering to Refood, and the donation of a year of free energy to two institutions that were voted by employees during the event. How did this last initiative work? During the two days of the event, every time employees clapped, a device would capture the energy of the clapping and the total amount was converted into kW of energy donated to the institutes.