Client company:
Eastpak, VF Corporation
Organising company:

The Event

Eastpak was challenged to re-think the perimeters of their seasonal sales presentation. So, we’ve created an unexpected digital immersive environment that emphasises the product design families.

Rethinking the concept of sales meetings and space, we set about delivering something above and beyond what was done before. It’s still about storytelling, but with a different set of tools. Implementing alternative elements can establish a format for programming that successfully elevates the brand experience.

Live experience and its values remained the starting point, because it’s the human touch that draws people toward a brand story. By spreading the message through a digital landscape with technological environments amplifying the product stories, the perfect balance was found for the collections of the new season. Engaging the audience with the right balance of live and digital segments. Every space had a different transformative element, created by video and lighting effects, leading teams on a highly exploratory, visual, virtual adventure as they backpacked through digital landscapes and discovered new territories.