The Fairytale of Gjensidige – Lars Askeladd and the good helpers

The Fairytale of Gjensidige – Lars Askeladd and the good helpers

Client company:
Gjensidige Forsikring ASA
Organising company:
6.Sans by Liwlig

The Event

New strategy implementation, boost sales focus and employee motivation whilst maintaining the loyalty through a fun and playful fairytale inspired journey. Goals: 90% awareness, 7.5% sales growth.

“The Fairytale of Gjensidige” mixed enchanting fairytale and playfulness with innovative strategies. We intertwined Gjensidige, Norway’s oldest and largest insurance company’s history with a beloved national fairytale, merging tradition with modernity in a fun and playful way. We started 6 months prior to the event with 4 fairytale gatherings. Then we created a strategy quest of 5 episodes, presented in the app. In this quest, the Group EVP was transformed into the Norwegian fairytale character Espen (Lars) Askeladd with the employees as his good helpers. Every episode ended with questions regarding Gjensidige´s new objectives, and by answering correct on these questions, the good helpers supported Lars Askeladd on the right path towards the dazzling town of Lillehammer. The app provided dynamic content delivery, ensuring accessibility 6 months prior to the event. The historical location, content build-up and technical setup enhanced the storytelling from beginning to end.

Live Presentations