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BGK TV – a new channel for bank’s internal communication. Basing on digital event series – proves value through integration of TV, online event and communication.

In order to reach such a wide and diversified group of recipients and effectively achieve the project’s goals, the idea had to be:
•universal and available to employees in various locations
•interesting and attractive to arouse real interest and commitment
•one that will allow you to present difficult, serious topics in a friendly way.
We wanted the language and communication channel to be understandable and interesting for everyone, even the youngest bank employees.
A coherent and substantive internal TV channel is still rare on the Polish market. The most common are short materials such as shorts, interviews or reports. However, we wanted a multi-format channel that would allow the content to remain dynamic, resulting in the recipient’s attention and willingness to watch the entire episode.
We also wanted to divide the strategy into smaller parts so that – in accordance with the principle of microlearning – the strategy was easier to learn.

Live Presentations