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Strategy Day | Our Housewarming was an internal event for e-commerce platform, connecting 3.000 employees to the new business strategy & increasing their understanding of’s ambitions.’s new strategic house inspired the concept of Our Housewarming and the stage design. On Strategy Day we invited all’ers to their very own housewarming where we made the strategy tangible for each business model, ignited conversations and inspired company-wide teamspirit. Each business model was represented by their respective lead within each ‘room of the strategic house’. Despite’s large size we recognized the value of literally bringing the whole company together as one, to kick-off the new strategy as a team and emphasize that each’ers’ contribution is necessary for this new direction to succeed. Prior to the event we also involved employees to understand what they expected and required from this day, to make sure that we’d cover the most relevant topics and make employees feel heard. This personal attention combined with the homey feeling of a housewarming underlined the same core message: as a employee you personally matter.

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