Client company:
Berner Group

The Event

8.000 employees in 9 cities experienced the BERNER brand relaunch as thrilling rock shows: confident, loud, strong, and rebellious, the core values of the new BERNER smart rebels on the market.

Bringing the brand and the new values across, called for more than a conventional announcement event. This demanding task asked for a campaign that informs and enthuses the employees, taking them straight to the brand’s heart and having them identify with its new rebellious attitude. PLUS: Due to the sustainablity, each event was centrally managed and locally sourced. Based on the idea of smart rebels, we created a relaunch, taking BERNER from a brand to a brand experience. The idea: simple, yet simply great: let’s make some noise, let’s play some rock’n roll! Confident, loud, strong, and rebellious – the BERNER core values are typical features in rock music. Thus, the agency conceived the Berner Brand Launch as a rock concert series and sent CEO Christian Berner on a European tour through nine cities to present the relaunch. For a long-lasting effect, a unique pre-campaign accompanied the Brand Relaunch Event – showing the importance of a strong brand and its positive impact.

Live Presentations