Client company:
Bolt Technology OÜ
Organising company:
Jolos - member of 27Names

Category Winner

The Event

Bolt 10 was the name of the 10th anniversary Summer Summit, which was organized to celebrate the company’s decade of success.

The creativity behind this project primarily stemmed from the concept of ’10/10,’ a clever connection between Bolt’s tenth birthday and their commitment to delivering excellence in their field. This concept guided our approach, that everything in our program had to be the best and if possible, multiplied 10 times.
It was a simple, yet clever and creative solution to reach all Bolt’s objectives for the event. By offering the best and organizing various program elements in sets of ten, we constantly reminded participants that we were celebrating the company’s tenth birthday. By enhancing and expanding the program components, we provided a wide array of diverse activities. This not only made attendees feel highly valued and recognized but also inspired them to be their best, a ’10/10′ version of themselves, and strive for the best.

Live Presentations