Client company:
Bouvet AS
Organising company:
Kite Kommunikasjon og event

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The Event

In celebration of Bouvet’s 20th anniversary, “Bouvet Bucket List” realized 20 employee dreams, seamlessly weaving them into the annual “Independence Tour” event.

Corporate events often follow a similar pattern: a purpose and a message, a visual and creative theme, a venue, teambuilding activities, catering, party, AV, lighting design, décor, artists, entertainment, and other experiences that create magical moments. This time, we approached our annual event with a creative and innovative twist. We introduced a year-round concept to celebrate Bouvet’s 20th anniversary, where employees sent in their own bucket lists, 4500 dreams in total, big and small. These bucket lists provided unique insights into our target audience and served as the creative foundation for the entire Independence Tour event in Lillehammer, spanning three days in September. Additionally, we fulfilled 20 different dreams for various groups throughout the 20th-anniversary year, both before, during, and after the event. All dreams were documented, and the dreamers were interviewed. We shared all 20 dreams on Bouvet’s Intranet, in line with Bouvet’s culture of sharing.

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